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Choice! is Wild Hare's full-featured runtime system that runs Interactive COBOL (ICOBOL) object code on popular modern computers and operating systems. It is object code and data file compatible with Data General ICOBOL systems, so complete compatibility with DG systems is assured down to the binary level.

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Wild Hare's Choice! - the most portable DG-compatible ICOBOL runtime system available - it delivers the benefits of open systems to your current ICOBOL applications.

Choice! runs Interactive COBOL (ICOBOL) programs on popular modern computers and operating systems. The actual program COBOL object files (.PD/.DD) and data files (.NX,.XD) from the Data General machine can be used on any computer that runs Choice!, thereby ensuring complete compatibility with Data General systems. This means that absolutely no conversions, translations or even recompilations are required to run ICOBOL programs on different hardware ranging from small PCs to large mainframes.

Choice! supports all standard DG ICOBOL features, such as SCREEN SECTION, CALL PROGRAM, LINKAGE SECTION, menu handling and data entry. It also includes transparent extensions that can be used without any reprogramming, such as hot keys, dynamic help, windows, network access and certain SCREEN DEMON features. For enhanced interoperability, Choice! optionally supports C-ISAM and D-ISAM file systems with no code changes whatsoever. These new features and more make your past software investment work for your future.